Do you have new floors, old floors, antique floors, or simply battered floors?  Whichever type of floors you have Techwood Studio has the experience and expertise to make your floor restoration so elegant and beautiful that it would add character and style to your home or business premises.

When floors are neglected and used for a long time, without refinishing/re-varnishing, you could find yourself needing a full replacement, which means simply more costs and time. However, a regular maintenance schedule would have prevented costly reinstallation or restoration works to your floor, decks or wall panels or other wood fixtures and fittings. 

A regular maintenance schedule ensures longevity. And certainly, the flooring of your house is one of the first parts of your home that visitors notice!  So why not save on costly refurbishments or refinishing as well as upkeep the resale value of your property?

If your hardwood floors are looking worn out/damaged, you should think about floor sanding it followed by restoration treatment.  To begin with sanding is itself a very dusty, noisy and messy job.  That is why you need expert services such as ours to take the laborious, time-consuming, dusty and gritty job off your hands.  Or if you have a new floor, then consider our maintenance services that would assure that your precious investment and beauty of timber flooring would be protected for a long, long time thereby enhancing the value of your home as well as ensuring that you and your family would live in a beautiful and joyful environment.