It really does get realistic with luxury vinyl tiles!  Also called LVT in short, the vinyl tiles look like stone or ceramic tiles, complete with attractive, luxurious and impressive natural colours and surface textures that feel like the real deal. Some of these styles can also be installed with grout.  LVTs featuring 3D printing technology infuse depth, realism and endurance with a high performance wear layer to a vinyl tile product – it has an extremely durable wear layer and will not crack or break like ceramic while at the same time retaining its softness and slight bounciness.

LVT floorings are made from rather resistant materials, and therefore they are water and stain resistant which means cleaning and maintenance requires very little effort. These floorings come in a wide array of styles and colours, sizes and thickness so that you can have greater choice of flooring.

LVTs, therefore, provide a high value to users with the allure of being cheaper than ceramic too.  This explains the growing popularity of LVT for residential floorings as well as offices, factories, hospitals & clinics, hospitality, retail and leisure spaces and educational institutions.