Outdoor Timber Decking enhances and cultivates your many joys of living by creating sustainable and spacious living areas.  It would transform the way you live, as you can now enjoy alfresco dining, have a cool space to entertain family and friends or when you most need it have a neat and lovely place to relax or read a book.

There is no doubt that for both residential and commercial decking as well as building additions and structural projects, resilient Outdoor Timber Decking adds great value, including resale value, thereby making it a worthwhile investment, and a chic life style sophistication to your home/property.

For timber decking in the outdoors you need to select one that is both weather-and insect-resistant.  Practically speaking, timber decking for the outdoors is best as it provides strength for heavier loads and, of course, you get better air and water ventilation – thus helping to prevent mosquitoes breeding.  As timber absorbs water, it is therefore less slippery resulting in less accidents and falls as well as easy to clean.  And on a hot day it is cooler to step on than on stone or brick surfaces.  Timber Decking has strength, stability and durability, which help in increasing the longevity of the deck.