What we offer

At Techwood Studio, we love timber.  
We are proud to offer the finest and best selection of quality strength-graded to innovative engineered timber products for indoor and outdoor use, office or residential and industrial needs matched by our exceptional friendly and extended services.

Engineered Timber

Environmentally sustainable and structurally superior, Engineered Timber Flooring delivers comfort, flair and convenience at your feet.

Outdoor Decking

Outdoor spaces are ideal for family gatherings, Sunday breakfasts and beer with pals. Our range of stunning Outdoor Decking creates the perfect living and entertainment space for such occasions!

Other timber fixtures

Speak to us on timber fixtures and suitability of various timber species for your specific needs ….. our range of fixtures from Solid Timber to Engineered Timber, can be customised to your very special requirements.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

It really does get realistic with luxury vinyl tiles! Also called LVT in short, the vinyl tiles look like stone or ceramic tiles, complete with attractive, luxurious and impressive natural colours and surface textures that feel like the real deal.


As renovation costs keep increasing, homeowners are turning more and more to DIY products. The DIY market in Singapore and Asia has achieved a Revenue in the "Toys, Hobby & DIY" segment that amounts to US$844m in 2017

Extended Services

Techwood Studio endorses initiatives to salvage, reuse and recycle timber. Our specialised sanding and varnishing team can work wonders on your worn out floors.

Cleaning Products

Wood flooring requires little maintenance. However, the right type of cleaning agents can bring about a restored sheen, good protection and enhances longevity.

Sawn timber and logs

Wood is resource that is in its purest form. Sawn timber is therefore logs and cut into different shapes, sizes, cuts and grades. We specialize in Burmese Teak. International shipping and export is available.